WebAR in Education

Make Concepts Easy to Learn

Imagine if a student is going through the theory of a topic. When they point their smartphone camera towards the subject, they will see the idea in action and remember and apply the concept quickly. Vossle can help businesses integrate AR experiences seamlessly over all browsers.

Creative Assignments

Homework assignments can be more creative if a student is stuck on a question. They point their smartphone camera at that question; they will be able to get a video explanation of it, making it easier for them to solve it.

Ease of Teaching

Suppose the students have a hard time understanding human anatomy from a 2d figure. In that case, they can point their smartphone towards the human anatomy picture, a 3d view of human anatomy will come up, it will engage the students and help them learn more than what they would’ve from a 2d textbook image.
Vossle is a no-code DIY platform. The teachers can use it to create their own WebAR experiences in very little time; no more than the necessary technical knowledge is required to deliver this experience.

Curious Field Trips

When someone goes to the museum, they can point their smartphone camera towards a QR code right beside the artifact’s nameplate, and all the information regarding that artifact will show up. Vossle can help you make QR code-based webAR experiences very quickly. Without any extra deployment of equipment, these features can be made available to the museum.

Democrating AR for Edutech

WebAR can help companies stand out, and it is also cost-effective. WebAR can help accelerate the company’s revenues as well. Smartphones and the internet are cheaper than they were five years ago and accessible to many people. Hence companies don’t need to show their innovation with customers spending extra for it. No additional equipment is required; therefore, no extra costs will incur to the students or their parents. Anyone with access to a no-code tool can generate WebAR experiences quickly.

Solar System

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Fantasy Book

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