AR for Marketing


AR is 90 times more engaging than text-based content.


AR-based product interactions result in 94% higher conversion rate

Marketing your product Taking offline to online

It is a common sight that companies flush down their marketing budget by trying to include the AR element in their marketing campaigns in the wrong way. Even allocating sufficient budget to incorporate AR into the marketing strategy does not promise optimum ROI due to the high costs involved.As a result, when a brand launches their AR based marketing campaigns, it is not able to garner enough users due to the third party app installation.

Create the Brand Buzz Using WebAR

Every second, a lot of businesses are transforming their marketing strategies to market their brand better. Thus, the competition to make the presence of your brand felt is ever-increasing. If not done properly, the marketing campaign can prove to be a disaster. AR can help you to bring about the wow factor in your marketing campaign with its webAR technology. WebAR in marketing is a powerful tool for online and offline businesses alike to make their mark in a short time and in an effective manner.

WebAR in Marketing during Television Shows and Adverts

Various TV shows can leverage webAR in marketing to advertise themselves with the help of AR. Vossle-enabled QR code can be shown on the screen and the audience can interact with some element of the show in their own reality after scanning the QR code.

Leveraging Ecommerce

While purchasing and choosing items online on ecommerce websites, the product can have a Vossle AR enabled QR code which can allow the customers to interact with the product with the help of life-sized 3D webAR visualizations.

Get the right WebAR Experience using Vossle

We have highlighted only some of the use cases above. The field of marketing is vast one and you can always come up with new ideas to get into the head of your customers. The ability to decide the right kind of technology to use for your business varies highly with your specific use case.

Augmented Reality is deepening consumer’s interactivity & immersion

Augmented Reality



Average Time Spent on consuming different the types of content

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