Vossle for FMCG and Retail

Extend Adverts TV / Print to Online Buying

You do not have to think twice before clubbing your brand with AR. It’s easier and affordable than ever before. You do not need to code. Launch your marketing campaign and convert your print media ads or TV commercials into online browser AR experience aka webAR experience. People can scan the QR codes available in the newspapers, magazines, TV screens or hoardings and see your product come to life. They can interact with your products digitally and get acquainted with it in a better way.

Visualise Ecommerce Products

WebAR for FMCG and retail can solve a lot of problems and provide you with innovative ways to present your product and increase its outreach. By simply providing a QR code to scan on the website under the product, you can guide your customer to a whole new world. They can interact with it digitally.

Increase Brand Engagement

Researches say that people tend to spend more time on AR based channels than any other type. The dwell time is atleast 60s more with each scan and the registration on your website is one in four users. All of this at minimal fees. Vossle is a subscription based platform with minimal subscription fees.

Easter Egg With Colgate

Colgate used Vossle to generate a WebAR experience for their brand. They ended up including the QR code on the toothpaste packet. So when the user scans the code, they are led to a screen which shows an easter egg crack up giving rise to a clean tooth inside. Pretty much showcasing what colgate does to your teeth.

Bacteria Arcade Fun AR Game with Colgate

Colgate tried WebAR based game using Vossle. To access the game you need to scan the QR code. When the screen launches, you need to kill the maximum number of germs by tapping on the screen and moving your mobile phone in the space you’re in at that moment. Moving your mobile phone around helps you to access more numbers of germs which appear randomly as your screen moves. All this happens while there is a timer running in the background, so that your audience feels the adrenaline rush and keep engaged.