Vossle Features

World Tracking

Markerless AR utilizes a concept called SLAM – Simultaneous Location and Mapping which helps to place the AR overlay wherever we want as long as the surface is a flat surface. Hence, we would need our camera to be able to recognize the flat surface. Thus, for computer vision to help identify the flat surface better, it should have a bit of texture. Hence, we cannot usually use markerless AR on monochromatic surfaces. Vossle allows you to create a rich AR experience using the markerless technology. It allows you to upload the 3D overlay object helping you to generate the link to the experience or the QR code which can be scanned using the camera.

Image Tracking

When we see the 3D model tied to a real-world object, you can rightly guess that marker-based AR is in play at that instance. When you scan a static image on a newspaper, and the AR application overlays a digital object tied to the static image, then again, marker-based AR is in action. The scanner recognizes the static image almost instantly and displays the virtual object at a suitable location in the live camera view. Vossle allows you to upload any 3D objects & animations or 2D images, which will help create the AR effect and further upload the static image to the platform which can be used as a marker.


Vossle web-based face detection allows anchoring any 3D models on the human eye, ear, nose, or head. The face mesh created by our core engine allows users to create tryons such as sunglasses & other eyewear Tryon or fun experiences that are unique. The AR Tryon experience opens with the front camera of your mobile in selfie mode. This is where Vossle detects facial features and overlays the Tryon on them.

WebAR Games

Vossle WebAR Games will allow the users to create interactive games for their users in Just 1 Minute. This will create a fun gaming experience for the users and will help in increasing interaction.

Additional Features

Take a sneak peek at our most recent features.

Green Screen Video

Just upload your video in mp4 format with a chroma key layering/background in green. Enable background removal while uploading on Vossle and that’s it. Your own Marvel like experience is ready!

Adding Sound To AR Experience

Vossle Platform allows a feature to add sound to your AR Experience by uploading an mp3 file. This feature will add backgound sound to AR Experience making it more immersive.

Video In AR

Vossle Platform allows you to create both Marker-Based and Markerless Experiences without any hassle. You can create AR Experiences using the files of the below mentioned formats in just 1 minute.

3D Models and Animation


Chroma Key videos and Videos