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Augmented Reality(AR) helps you improve the quality of your marketing campaign by engaging your customers and connecting them emotionally to your brand

Case Study

Showcasing some of the WebAR Work done for our clients

GradSure Online Education
Immersive Education

Explaining Concepts with AR

Greens Entertainment Records

AR Experiences for Artist Management

Bloom AI
Bloom AI

Personal Greetings

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Projects Showcase

Showcasing some of the work we have done for our clients

Immersive Learning

with GradSure

GradSure took a step forward during this pandemic and decided to provide students with immersive education making use of AR Technology. Vossle provided a ready-made solution to GradSure by providing an easy-to-use platform to create AR Experiences in just a minute.

Artist Management in AR

with Vossle

Vossle provided immersive experiences to try different brand assets and connect with the brand and market their albums in a unique way using AR. By using Vossle they were able to market their albums and try the assets specific to the music album to keep the audience engaged.

Personal Greetings

for Bloom AI

Bloom AI being our loyal customer, we created an AR Experience which they shared with their loved ones to greet them in a unique way.

Brands Powered by VOSSLE

Vossle has helped multiple brands to market their services in a unique way,
and also helped in providing immersive education.

This tool made it easy for small businesses like us to make use of Augmented Reality technology which was very difficult to afford earlier.


Founder - GradSure

I have been using this platform to market all music albums and it has been a great tool. Easy-to-use no-code platform.

Maneet Oberoi

Founder - Greens

Excellent, path breaking product.It's been great and we have identified several use cases for it. Ease of use, high applicability, intuitive design.



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