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How to create an Augmented Reality experience in a Minute?

steps to create ar experience

Augmented Reality is revolutionizing the customer engagement journeys for products. In this rapidly changing technology era, all companies need to adapt quickly or fade away into the abyss. Adapting to rapidly changing technology takes effort and money.

Most companies cannot afford such costs, not due to the lack of revenue but the time and effort needed to build that technology. Platforms such as Vossle are trying to solve this problem for businesses. Vossle is a no-code, DIY platform that can help you develop WebAR experiences in under a minute. 

Marketing is evolving every day due to technological advancements; brands integrate AR with their marketing campaigns to make it more engaging. Customers also like innovative marketing campaigns. Such marketing campaigns help the brands to drive up their sales and create a trend around the brand name. Brands don’t want to set up a new team to adopt such innovative methods.

They want platforms that can deliver WebAR in a minute. People in the marketing teams can easily use Vossle and design their own WebAR experiences. They can get immediate feedback on the experiences and drive customer retention and engagement for their respective brands. 

AR can help customers make more informed decisions and improve the customer satisfaction rate for the brands. Better customer satisfaction induces brand loyalty and retention, which can benefit the brands exponentially.

With Vossle, the eCommerce users can view the products in their reality before actually purchasing the item for themselves. You can let your customers try out a piece of furniture in the living room or a painting on their favorite wall anywhere in the house. Being able to help the brands provide the 3D AR visualization of the product helps reduce returns and customers making an informed choice.

WebAR in a minute in 3 easy steps

You can create a WebAR experience in a minute using the Vossle platform easily using the following steps:

Only three simple steps can take your brand to the WebAR journey you always wanted to provide to their customers.

There was a time when brands used to send out pamphlets and deliver free sample products to customers. Those marketing strategies haven’t become obsolete, but there is always space to improve. Brands can try to embed WebAR experiences with pamphlets and billboards. 

Social media marketing has become a new rage for brands. Social media helps brands drive instant customer engagement and campaign deployment. For more engaging customer journeys, brands can integrate WebAR experiences on social media pages. A marketing campaign coupled with AR can keep users engrossed for a long time.

With Vossle, teams can make WebAR in a minute. Such fast deployment can help brands adjust to the fast-paced advertising market. Vossle is a do it yourself, SaaS platform to help your business create an enriching AR experience in under a minute. It does away with a lot of redundancy. It provides a ready to use interface for anybody without the need for professional developers.

Need Support?

If the brand is confused about what content to upload and how to make the Web AR experience more desirable, then the Vossle team can help the brand with its content.
Vossle team can guide the brand, make the 3D visualization models, marker images and deploy the Web AR experience to the necessary platforms. Time is of the essence everywhere, and Vossle helps to create WebAR in a minute. 

Vossle for all your Marketing needs

The advertisement space is very crowded, and brands have many options. WebAR here is like an add-on. We can integrate AR with whatever mode of marketing campaigns the brands decide to make them more enthralling and engaging. Platforms like Vossle are driving this innovation and can be very successful. Creating WebAR in a minute sounds time savvy. Brands can deliver AR experiences quickly and make an impression on the customers and drive sales. 

The marketing team of the movie into the Spiderverse used WebAR to engage people; Spiderman would appear in the living area and crawl on the walls. People could also click a photo with Spidey and post it on social media.

Many fast-food brands have also used WebAR to engage their customers. Burger King ran a campaign where whenever you see a billboard of their competitors, if you’d point your smartphone at them, then you could swipe your finger on the screen and virtually burn that billboard. Once you did that, you’d get a coupon for a free whopper. 

Vossle allows you to create both marker-based ar and markerless ar experiences requiring no coding at all. Vossle helps you create rich AR experiences, which helps increase customer’s engagement time on your website. 

Smartphones have become mainstream now, and almost everyone has one, so reaching out to a more extensive customer base has become easy. One can experience WebAR on smartphones with the same convincing engagement and desirability. 

Only by going through three simple steps, you can make your marketing campaigns and brand AR friendly. You can use WebAR experiences for your brands and make those experiences in just under a minute. Anyone in the team can make those WebAR experiences and drive the brand’s growth—a pretty sweet deal without the hassle of hiring a whole department.

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