The Power of AR Product Visualization in the Metaverse Era

Positive customer experience is very important for merchandisers, whether operating from a physical locale or an eCommerce platform. For online endeavors, creating modern and exhilarating immersive experiences is how you attract new clients, and augmented reality (AR) based product visualisation is one of the best tech solutions towards the transition of online shopping.  Thereupon nearly […]

19 Examples of Web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR)

Web-based Augmented Reality is growing rapidly in this technologically advanced world that we live in, today especially with the advent of the 5G networking services. It can be easily considered the next big thing for all the sectors of the global economy as it has a lot of space to develop and the applications of […]

Try Before You Buy with WebAR – Next E-commerce Trend

The new online trend of “try before you buy” is giving brick and mortar merchants a fight for their money. This is especially true when it comes to the next generation of buyers. Consumers are becoming more tech aware, and brands must stay up with them. As a result, ar for eCommerce enterprises now have […]

Why WebAR should be part of your marketing plan?

Web AR for Increased Engagement Augmented Reality, when used correctly with proper strategic planning can be an incredibly useful technology to attract customers and increase brand engagement. According to research by Deloitte, most of the mid-market companies already have started with their experiment with AR in order to improve user experience.  The global AR market […]

How D2C brands can increase their customer engagement?

What is Direct-To-Consumer or D2C? In the pre-internet era, manufacturers relied heavily on the distributors to sell their products. So, if you were unable to land your product on the shelf, then there was not much that you could do. It is different today! Manufacturers can make, pack and deliver the products – all on […]

Release V1.3: Green Screen Chroma Key Videos

New feature releases always get me excited. Today, we are adding yet another feather in the cap for Vossle in its version 1.3 release and launching Green Screen Chroma Key compatible web augmented reality. See an example below:  You can scan the following QR code from your smartphones to experience this: Or go to Chroma keying is […]

Introducing Vossle Face Detection and Tryons

Harness the power of Vossle WebAR to create ready-to-launch Tryon features with no coding I’m highly excited to announce that Vossle has now launched Face detection and Tryon features. Today, Vossle is rolling out its version 1.2. With this, we will power Tryon features on a human face. You can instantly create these real-time and […]

How to create an Augmented Reality experience in a Minute?

Augmented Reality is revolutionizing the customer engagement journeys for products. In this rapidly changing technology era, all companies need to adapt quickly or fade away into the abyss. Adapting to rapidly changing technology takes effort and money. Most companies cannot afford such costs, not due to the lack of revenue but the time and effort […]

Accessing Augmented Reality(AR) through a web browser in 2021

Many companies committed to improving their Augmented Reality(AR) experiences in 2019, and 2020 marked an uptick in the number of people impacted by AR and its various applications. Thus, even for 2021, the trend for AR is very much predictable. With the increasing number of mobile phone users, every AR company is trying to leverage […]

Introducing Vossle – An Augmented Reality (AR) Experience Creation Tool

Vossle is the next-generation WebAR experience creation tool. It is a no-code platform that creates augmented reality experiences in under a minute. Now make your brand’s impact felt to the 3 billion smartphone users globally. Moreover, users do not need to install any apps to experience augmented reality on Vossle. Augmented Reality(AR) brought a significant […]