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Vossle Web based AR Campaigns

Digital Packaging using Augmented Reality will help in boosting Immersive Engagements. High Consumption compounded with Lowest Attention Spans has made Immersive Technologies an obvious choice for brands.

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Bingo Packaging Experience

AR Packaging created for Bingo to market the new offer

Bingo AR Experience was created to market their new Free Data offer created using Vossle Platform.

Pepsi AR Packaging

AR Experience for Beverage Packaging

Pepsi made use of the vossle platform to market their new product launch. Users can experience the product in their reality.

AR Packaging

Why choose Vossle for Packaging?

  1. Create WebAR Experience for your packaging in just a minute
  2. No-Code Saas Platform
  3. Get your customer excited about the product before even opening the packaging using AR Experience created through Vossle
  4. Convey your green agenda through your packaging
  5. Make an Innovative Unboxing Experience for your products with Vossle WebAR

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Benefits of using AR for Packaging

Upgradable Content

The biggest benefit of augmented reality for product packaging is the ability to recycle and reuse the same packaging design. Instead of redesigning product packaging, you can change or update the augmented reality experience. 

Save Cost

Product packaging can be very expensive. But augmented reality can take very simple product design and transform it into a complex experience.


Storytelling with Packaging

Augment reality product packaging can help turn that one-time conversion into a loyal customer. Tell your brand story in AR using your product packaging.

Educate your Customers

With Vossle, customers can point their phone or tablet at your product packaging to automatically activate an interactive instruction manual.

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