Augmented Reality Business Cards

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Get your brand etched into the minds with Impactful AR Business Cards

Standard AR Business Cards

Design and create your AR business cards with our no-code platform Vossle.  Upload your custom video to your card and tell the world what you or your company is all about, right from the printed card using our WebAR technology.

Bring Your Business Card to Life

Transform your business cards into Augmented Reality powered tools to spark conversations and develop deeper connections with your contacts.

Holographic AR Business Card

Holographic AR business cards feature 3D versions of yourself or your product. These 3D AR business cards help you stand out.

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What we do?

Reach million of users instantly. Vossle is completely cloud based solution that works on every mobile device the moment you publish! No app installs required!


An AR business card is just like a normal business card in its appearance. However, the difference is that the pattern, logo, QR code, or any other printed designs on the card is used to trigger Augmented Reality content. This makes it more interactive, engaging, and informative than other normal business cards.

With Vossle’s platform, you can create AR business cards in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Upload the design of your business card. This image will act as the trigger to the AR experience.
  2. Edit the design as per your need and enter the details you want to share with the user. Or we can also add a QR code to the design,
  3. Get it printed with the new design on it. The card is ready to trigger the experience.

To scan a business card, you can simply utilize the phone scanner. Follow the given steps:

  1. Open the scanner on the mobile phone
  2. Place the Business card in front of the camera.
  3. The AR will be triggered automatically.
  4. Enjoy the fun

Follow the given steps to make an AR image.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in or sign up by giving your details.
  3. Select the +create experience button on the right side in the dashboard.
  4. Click on the marker-based AR.
  5. Fill in the details along with the image you want to turn into AR.
  6. Click on the Create experience button.
  7. Your AR image is ready.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create your own AR effect.

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Sign up or log in.
  • Step 3: Select the AR effect you want to create – Markerless, marker-based, Face detection, AR games, or AR workflow.
  • Step 4: Fill in the details, upload the 3D models and insert the marker- image if required.
  • Step 5: Your AR effect is ready.
  • Step 6: Share it with the world.

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